Looking for a new way to explore the Ozarks? Then you might be interested in learning about paddleboarding. With paddle boards, you can explore rivers, creeks, and lakes with a new view and a new thrill.  Paddle boards can be used in many different ways. Standing, sitting or even laying down; you have many options on how to use the board. Wanting to surf or fish? You can do it all with a SUP( stand up paddle boards).

I understand purchasing a new piece of equipment can be a risk.  A good quality paddle board can cost a pretty penny.  Plus, what if paddle boarding ends up only being an occasional activity?

Before you drop hundreds of dollars on a new paddle board you might want to get your feet wet with our Introduction to Paddle Boarding class. The class is led by two instructors who will assist you in becoming comfortable with paddle boards.  SUPs are available for each student of the class, so for the majority of class time, you have the opportunity to get acquainted with the feel of a paddle board.  Each class includes two hours of equipment rental, along with educating each student with the terminology and techniques of paddle boarding.

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